Sunday, December 7, 2014


       I used to think that in this world nothing could surprise me any more.Every day something new pops up.I have seen the drug free urine being sold for 'helping' those who use drugs and don't want to get caught on random  drug testing.I have heard about a company 'providing' disabled person in a wheel chair,  to get ahead in the 'lines of the Florida theme parks.'And many other that I would have not thought off few years ago. I do know that artificial insemination is done in castles all the times get better quality cattle. But I was talking to one my patients and what he told me was surprising.
      I was seeing this patient for the follow up of sleep apnea. Most of these patients have no major issues and are doing fine . Only some have issues with the mask or the amount of pressure of the CPAP etc.But for the purpose of the continuation of the care I see them every 6 to 8 months. So this was a stable patient with sleep apnea. His wife is also my patient and her problems are different. So I was chatting with them.I used to have a dog , which was German Sheppard. I knew that he had gotten a Rottweiler. So when I asked him about it , the story got interesting. He bought this one with all the 'papers'.So he had decided to breed it. But what I did not know surprised me . When he bought the puppy, he signed a contracts . According to the contract that was written by a retired judge, who does this as business, he has to breed this puppy with sperms of a show dog. This has to be done artificially and the expense has to be paid by this patient of mine. When the new little is born, then the previous owner will get one pup.(which she will sell with the same contract to a new owner).So the the business of the money making by breeding continues. He had paid $3000 for the puppy and spent another $3000 for the artificial insemination. But he told me that he can sell each puppy for significant amount of money , so he can make money himself !!
      I often talk about the Law of Karma and the Soul in Astral world. So I am not sure what kind of KARMA is this and what kind of souls will be attracted to the souls of puppy.
     Well I will hopefully find out the answer in future.

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