Saturday, December 6, 2014


    I deal with life and death and the attachment to our own body.I am no exception to the rule . I often Say that the 'worst' or may the highest attachment that we all have is the attachment to the body. Smoking, alcohol drugs or sex are strong addictions or the attachments, but nothing compared to the attachment to the body.In fact when we talk about the 'sin' that we all did or ;inherited' from Adam,is the attachment to the body and 'thinking that we are the body and not the soul.Even though we know that the body is 'mortal', we still treat it as if it lives for ever and it continues to be there after death.
    When my father died,I wanted to cremate a picture or 'our family' with his body.I was adamant about it and would not back out. But then there were other people who felt otherwise. ;They' felt that it was not 'good' to burn the picture of live people. So ultimately I backed off. So I did not get the family picture creamed with the body.So I was thinking about the 'body' as the soul and the other who opposed it thought it in the same way. The picture is not me and nor is the body.The reason I am writing this today is due to a patient that I saw.
    He is a 71 years old male with history of bronchial asthma and sleep apnea.He came for the follow up. I have to write in my notes that the patient is using the CPAP and it is helping him.This is required to get the supplies for the CPAP. So I asked him if he is using it. His answer was ,Yes , daily. Then we were talking to him , he told me that he could not use it in the beginning, and when he would turn on side,it would bother her wife. So I asked as to how she is taking it now.He told me that she passed away few months away. But before she died ,they started sleeping in such a way that her feet were at the head side so the CPAP would not hit her head ,but the feet. That sounded good , and I thought telling other couples about this trick.Then he told me that she had died and he wanted himself to be buried next to "HER" IN THE SAME WAY. Her feet where his head would be .I can understand the emotions , just like I had , but thinking about this after few months , May be be it is LOVE , may be it is misunderstanding or may be it is ATTACHMENT to the body.

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