Saturday, December 13, 2014


     I have been quite interested in the Quantum theory. This may have to do with the fact that in the Quantum theory ,every thing is interrelated . Two particles, miles apart ,will act as if they are connected by some force or information. So if one particles course is altered, then the other particle will also change the behavior .This is similar to the thought that we are all some way related and nothing happens by 'accidant'.There have been books written on the relationships of this behavior and the Hindu or TAO philosophy. One that comes to my mind was written several years ago, written by physicist, CAPRA. (TAO OF PHYSICS).  The other unexplainable behaviour of the particles is they could be at two places at the same time!This sounds impossible to the logical thinking mind . But it has been proved that this really happens.But we never knew that this can happen at cellular level. So it is one thing to have nonliving particles to behave as if they are related and exchange information, millions of miles apart and for a particle to be at two palaces at one time, but it is never thought or confirmed that this can occur at the cellular level. So when I came across this I was surprised at first, but then I felt that it was natural. If my behaviour is related and can affect behaviour of some one who is not in direct contact with me
    So let me tell you the quantum behavior at cellular level . This was observed and inferred in the plant who do Photosynthesis with the help of chlorophyll  and seen in bacteria called E.Coli. To have energy produced at a very efficient level, the transfer of information must occur at shortest  and best pathway. So the the "trial run" of the transfer occurs at various pathways at the same time.And then the plant find out shortest pathway.So it does not occur one pathway trial at a time , but all of them are checked at the same time and that is how the energy production is at 95%. (It is like I am driving on I4 and 17-92 state Hwy, at the SAME TIME to find out which one has less crowded and then take one that I can go faster.)
    This was also seen in bacteria .called E.coli. If the bacteria are put in a lactose medium, which they are not able to use for nutrition, then mutation occurs .But it was noted that the rate of mutation occurs at much higher rate than can be explained on the basis of random mutation. So the bacteria select position of hydrogen atom, in both position that based on the medium that the bacteria are put in , the hydrogen settles down so the mutation occurs.I know this is too complicated , but in short the bacteria behave,in two different way at the same time.
     I know this is of not interesting to many and not the most interesting to many ,I thought of writing as it intrigued me .

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