Friday, September 18, 2015


   One of the main difference between the Hindu religion and the other religions -at least perceived by the followers of other religions, is that the Hindu religion believes in reincarnation. The concept of the reincarnation exists in Christianity too , but conventional teaching is made simple and uncomplicated so as to get more people to follow the religion. The Hindu religion is quite complicated and some what difficult to understand. It is simple to understand that if one does 'Good things' the GOD will be pleased and then one is allowed to go to Heaven .On the other hand if one does "more BAD than GOOD", then he will go to Hell. So all that one has to do is 'get passing grade' may be 51% to get entry in to heaven . There is nothing about 'Law of Karma'  or the 'attachment to body' or 'desirer' and bondage due to them and rebirth. So it becomes difficult to talk about it as we have too many questions and not satisfactory answers. I have known this for long time and have myself several questions that no one has been able to give satisfactory answers. To just give an example , Why do some animals sleep in owner's bed and other end up in pound. What about the thousands of animals that are bred for food and have 'no life' .What do you think about the fertilised and frozen human embryos, do they have 'soul' . And many other . But this came to surface when one my patient asked me something related to this subject.
    I have known this patient for many years. She a young lady and had gall bladder surgery. After the surgery she was on the respirator and could not wean off it. So I was consulted . She had no past history and was not taking any medicines. She definitely had no previous lung problem. Her lungs sounded clear and her chest X- ray was normal. I tried to wean down and she would be OK up to certain reduction on the respirator , but then it would become difficult . I suspect muscular weakness , called myopathy. So I consulted neurologist , who cold not imagine myopathy in this mid forties patient without any previous history. He did not feel that was the problem . So I called the surgeon and deed the muscle biopsy. The surgeon was reluctant to do biopsy , but then agreed and it was done . The biopsy showed myopathy. So she has been on respirator for last 25 years . In the early part of her diagnosis she was on respirator for 12 to 14 hours . It gradually increased and now she need to be on the respirator for 24/7. She was little depressed. So with her last visit we talked about the present life , reincarnation , and many other things . I told her to read a book . The name of the book is 'Many lives -many Masters'. She not only read it , she took notes and gave me a letter. Without going in to the details of the content of the letter, I will tell you what she asked me . What did I do wrong that I have myopathy and I am on respirator for rest of my life.
    I don't have the answer ,( though I can give some general answer.)
    I had thought about this and wished we had a book like the Human Laws , where we know what is the punishment for Say for example stealing or killing or assault. But we don't know what will happen if I take a pen from the work place or some more serious bad action. But one thing for sure, we are attached to THIS life and attached to people around it and the desires that arise due to our MIND, INTELLECT, AND THE SENSE ORGANS AND THE ACTIONS that we do . I will tell a story .
      There was this swami or saint , who had discarded everything and was not attached to anything mortal. He had meditated and had achieved highest levels of SAMADHI . So he knew that when he dies he will not be reborn. He was on his death bed and he told his disciples that when he leaves his mortal body , and reaches NIRVANA , there will be a loud sound of bells ringing. So he died and there was no sound . All the disciples were perplexed . So one of the senior disciple had an idea. There was tree of berries out side his bedroom window  The saint could see it from his bed . The disciple went out and plucked few berries and opened them . In one of them there was an fruit insect. He killed it . AND THERE WERE RINGING OF THE BELLS. So the explanation was that when the saint dies , his attention was diverted to the berry and he had transient DESIRE to eat it , exactly at the time of death . So he had to come back to FULL FILL the desire.
     The story was that of old lady . She had cataracts and doctors had advised her to get it operated. But she had lost her husband and then she lost her son . So she told her friends that 'she wished that she was not alive to SEE all this .and what was the use of having the eyesight?'So one of the saint told her that these kind of thoughts could lead to BLINDNESS in the NEXT LIFE . So to know  the co relation between the desires and attachment to the next life , is very difficult but not impossible . 

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