Monday, September 7, 2015


      I was reading a magazine called SWAROOPYOGA . This is published in India and covers Hindu religion . Most of the articles are written by the Founder of the magazine , Madhawanand.But one of the articles had mentioned the conversion of Hindus. In past and even today this is a practice that is followed by Christians and Muslims . The conversion is carried out under pressure and by force by Muslims and in other ways by Christians.The Hindus do not 'convert' anybody as we believe that each one of us has choice and each one of us can 'follow' our own path at the 'level' that we are at. But I am not writing this to talk about the conversion. I am writing this one to point out the similarity between the Christianity and the Hindu concept . This is MY VIEW and not necessarily mentioned by teachers of the Christianity.
     So in HINDU religion we have AUM - TAT- SAT. This is often repeated by Hindus . In Christianity there is a mention of the The Father -The Son -and The Holly Ghost. These two are essentially the same . In Hindu concept the GOD is INFINITE and has no qualities.At the 'begining' of the universe HE splits in to the SPIRIT and the NATURE. The spirit pervades all the and everything in the universe. In Hindu concept the first Sound is AUM. So the SAT IN HINDU concept corresponds to the THE FATHER , from whom every thing originated and is Unchangeable and has no specific qualities. The TAT in Hindu concept corresponds to THE SON , which is Universal consciousness or the SPIRIT without which nothing exists . And the AUM is the HOLLY GHOST in Christianity and is the MOTHER NATURE or PRAKRUTI of Hinduism . This is also the first Sound and is said by various names in different religions. AUM is HUM in Tibetans ,AMIN of the MUSLIMS and the AMEN of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans,Jews and the Christians.
     The Hindu religion happans to be the oldest of all the religion. In ancient times the as our knowledge increased we added months and the month of MARCH was the first month corrosponding to the Indian first month Chatrya. But more about this in the future blog. 

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