Friday, September 4, 2015


      I often say that the cause of down fall of most of the mankind is due to Money, Sex and ?? . One can add anything as the third thing. I add In Laws , when I am talking to the ladies and majority of them agree with me . It is amazing to see how the money is the root cause of the problem and so is Sex . But we all knowing it can't seem to avoid it . I do not mean to say that we should not try to make money or try for more or never enjoy sex . But make sure that we don't get to a point that we start doing things that are not moral . Just look around us . Many politicians and religious leaders came down due to the greed for the money or sex. The ancient Indian sage Vishwamitra. He had done great penance and was about to reach the highest level of liberation . And then appeared the Menaka, the very beautiful dancer from the Haven and the Sage was lost. He ended up getting involved and all the hard work that he had done was gone in span of one moment. Do you remember the presidential candidate Hart or the other one Edwards?Both had affairs and their political careers are gone . How about the congressman Jefferson Clinton who was found to have $200000 in freezer or the Florida congressman who had homosexual relationship?
   One might ask what does it have to do with medicine ? Now that they are publishing medicare reimbursements to each physician, we have known the income of some of the doctors. Though this is not a good indicator as it does not take in to account the expense that occurs in doing testing. The oncologist give chemo therapy. The cost of the drug may be $10000 and the medicare may give $10200. So the actual income may be $200 but the reported income is $10200. But then I also see cardiologist who make $5 millions . There was neurologist who got over $ 500000 in income from pharmaceutical company . This is greed ---or at least I think it is . So it does not surprise me when I came across a study which made me write this blog .
     The study was conducted I think by CVS-CARE MARK of their employees. They did a study in which the employees were encouraged to quit smoking . The cost of taking care of the smoker was more than $4000.So they offered incentive to quit smoking. So they were divided in different groups. One group was offered money if they quit smoking . So they got money if they had quit for 14 days , 6 months and 12 months . So if they had not smoked for one year they got $800.There was another group . (In all there were 4 groups ,but I won't go in details )In that group employees were asked to pay a deposit at the beginning of the study and they got it back with the 'reward' if they continued not to smoke . These were compared to a group of employees who were offered 'coventional' help.  So do you want to take a guise as to the final results ?
     The group enrolment in which employees did not have to put up any money had the highest enrolment. Not too many people opted for putting own money. The success was great with employees who were rewarded when they continued to not smoke .So every one knows that smoking is bad , but till some one offered money,no one quit as conventional therapy was not as successful as in the group when the money was offered.SO MONEY MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE., not even own health!!!

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