Sunday, July 24, 2016


     So in last blog I told the literary meaning . And I also stated the story of BHISHMA. So haw can the time of death is more important than what we do in our entire life ?  The answer is in the real meaning of the word , night and day , and the fire or smoke and Uttarayan or Dakshinatan or Shukla paksh or Krushna Paksha .
     If we think about the  'war' as the war of disciple with oneself , then it becomes clearer . So when the Lord Krishna is  talking about the  fire , he is talking about the knowledge or the Kundalini power. The smoke covers the truth. When he states smoke , it means the mind is not clear and one has ignorance .So if one has never engaged in meditation or trying to arouse Kundalini Shakti , and lived in ignorance of thinking of the physical body as the reality and engaged in sense pleasure indulgence , he is not going to reach eternity. He will be reborn due to desires and the attachments to the physical body as none of the physical desires can be fulfilled without the physical body.
    The 'Light' and the ''Darkness' are also very easy to understand . The Light is the spiritual eye . When one is successful in the meditation , he will have the  experience of one with the God , and this when sustained with repeated practice , will lead to detachment from the physical body . When there is no attachment to the physical body or the sense indulgence , then there is no rebirth.
     The Daytime and night are similar. When the Day starts , we are' awake' and wake up from' Sleep'. So during  the sleep when we do not have any Knowledge of our surrounding, is compared to us sleeping in ignorance. This term is quite often used when we are told to 'Wake Up' by many politicians or religious leaders .
     The next one is waxing and waning of the Moon . The Lunar light is not it's own light . In the real world the Moon's light is the reflected light of the SUN. So if the Sun is the spiritual Eye and it sheds it's light on the Moon which is material world. (The moon is related to material worls where the energy comes from the Sun . So when the enlightenment 'increases' and our mind turns away from the material world , we will have MOKSHA, but when this light is reducing or getting dimmer , we will have the rebirth as then we are turning away from the Realization.
      Now the last one . When we watch the Sun rise in the East, we will notice that the sun moves Northward for 6 months and then southward for 6 months. In our body the upper part of body is north and the lower part is south. (Remember in case of DRONA in Mahabharata , when he defeated Drupada ,he gave him back the southern part of the kingdom. So it is little easier to have control over lower centers than upper centers)The six months are six centers and when one tries to meditate and get control over lower centers , procreation , excretion and hunger, he is moving NORTHWARD . So the SUN or the knowledge is moving northward . When we are paying attention to lower centers more and more , we are moving southwards. So if we continue to be more involved in these lower level activities, we have no chance of MOKSH.and 100% rebirth is guarantied ..

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