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  I have been always intrigued by the Geeta's1st chapter. In many of the series of first shlokas it appears that there is not much about the religion . In short they appear 'wasted' if one considers the Geeta to be a religious discourse on the battlefield. On the other hand many believe that these shlokas are introduction to the REAL battle field story and so they are part of MAHABHARATA and so the appear to be appropriate in the beginning of the Geeta. I wrote about the first 8 shlokas in past and in this blog I want to write about the 9th one . Please understand that this is not MY KNOWLEDGE and I am simply stating what I gathered by READING.
     In shloka 9 it states that "and many other warriors are present, they are well trained and have weapons and are here for my sake and will lay down their lives. " When I look at this one , in continuity of other shlokas it does fit in to the introduction of the war . May be it sounds like the speech that many Hosts give at the time of wedding stating important names first and to avoid omitting others ,state that and' many others who have come to attend this function taking out time from their busy schedule .'
    So who are these 'many other warriors?'Yoganand feels that these are the 6 enemies of the human beings that are mentioned here . These are KAMA, KRODHA, LOBHA, MOHA , MADA AND MATSARA.--LUST, ANGER,GREED, DELUSION,PRIDE AND ENVY OR MATERIAL ATTACHMENT. So are these 6 enemies represented by the 6 warriors in the Kaurav army?
   Kama-Lust-Usually we think of Kama as Lust or sexual desire , but in broader sense lust is intense desire for many materialistic things and so the DURYODHAN is the best example . But if we think about the story of Mahabharata and the incidence of Pandawas loosing in gambling there were many who came forward to undress Draupadi . So these are the one that  represent KAMA.
   Krodha or Anger -We all know that when we are angry , we can not think properly and make proper decision. We are told by elders to calm down and make decision. So in the Mahabharata , Duryodhana's brother Dushshasana is the example of anger . In Sanskrit meaning of the word Dushasana is 'one which is difficult to control.'
    Lobha or Greed- The greed could be for food or sex or money . But how do we develop the greed . We 'act' and then 'experience' pleasure and then we develop the likes and dislikes . If I eat something and I enjoy it I am attached to it and I develop GREED FOR IT.So even if I am not hungry I will indulge in eating . This attachment to the things that we like and repulsion to the things we dislike are represented by Karna and Vikarna .
    Moha or Delusion-Sometimes we use word Moha as attraction. And indirectly it is attraction . But the attraction is due to Delusion or not knowing the truth . The ego has the bodily attachment and has delusion. The soul does not have the delusion . This ignorance is the cause of Moha.So if we knew the truth , we may not have the attraction. If we fall in love with someone as they are good looking but then when we know their nature or views or behavior the attraction is gone .The same thing could be said about the food , which is tasting good but not good for the good health. In Mahabharata this Moha or delusion is represented by SHAKUNI . He was the one that had asked the Pandawas to play with the dice that were tainted . This is when the Pandawas lost everything in gambling. The delusion was that they could win .
    Mada or Pride- We are proud of our name , family  or education or job or family members . But when this goes beyond certain level it is intoxicating or unwise or bad . In Mahabharata Shalya is representing this quality. In reality Shalya was maternal uncle of last 2 Pandawas namely Nakul and Sahadev. He was brother of Madri. So he should have been on the side of Pandawas ,but due to the Pride ,he decided to fight from side of Kaurawas.
    Matsara or envy-This one is easy to understand as we all have it and display it all the time . We are envious of someone who makes more money or has better and bigger house or whose kids are smarter than ours. In the Mahabharata this is represented by Kritvarma. Lord Krishna belonged to the clan of Yadawas . Kritvarma was a Yadawa, but he became envious when the lady that he wanted to marry  , got married to Lord Krishna. So he was envious of Krishna and so decided to join Kaurawas to fight against the Krishna supported Pandawas .
    I know that this is not perfect explanation . But I thought this is as close as I can understand and accept.   

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