Sunday, July 24, 2016


    I am not sure why all the scriptures are written in a mystic way , such that they become 'open' to interpretations or 'misinterpretation'. This is true of Hindu as well as Christen Bible. I have some explanations of the some of the verses of the Bible that are according to the Hindu belief. In revelation(4) it is stated that "I looked up and saw 24 elders sitting on a thrones" I think these are 24 principles that go in forming ASTRAL body. But if one reads the entire passage it is very likely that different people will come with different explanations, all of them could be valid. The translation of the 'words' is not the intended meaning.
         So today I thought of writing on GEETA ,chapter 8 ,verses 23 to 26. I have seen different explanations including on by  Swami  Chinmayanand. But the best one and what I like by Yoganand.
The word by word meaning is when the Lord Krishna is telling Arjuna the path which is taken at the time of death by different people. So He says that ,
"I will tell you the path taken by yogis that leads to 'freedom' and path that which leads to 'rebirth'.23

"Fire, Light, Daytime and Shukl Paksh ( bright half of Lunar month), Uttarayan (six months of Northward movement of the Sun),--following this path (at the time of death) men (or women) who 'know' God or Brahman will go to God or Brahman." 24

"Smoke , night time , Krushna Paksh, (dark half of Lunar month), and Dakshinayan (six months of Southward movement of the Sun)--following this path he will obtain Lunar light and will return to Earth."25

"These 2 paths -one of light and one of darkness are thought to be eternal. The path of Light leads to release,while the path of Darkness he returns".
      So if one takes the literally meaning of these verses , will have to conclude that the 'time of death ' is very important. So if one dies at 'wrong time ' then he will have rebirth . But if one dies at 'right time ' then he will get the MOHSHA . If you recollect the story of Bhishma in Mahabharata , he war injured and could have died except for his own control on the time of death. He was blessed with a boon from his father Shantanu that he and he only will decide the time of his own death. So when he is badly injured the 'time ' was not right ,it was DAKSHINAYAN -The Sun was moving southward . So he would not achieve the Moksha . So Bhishma decides to hold on to the physical body till the Sun starts moving Northward again. So it does not matter what one has done in entire life if one dies at 'wrong' time ! This does not make sense . So the real meaning is different . let me try to explain as I understand it .

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