Sunday, May 13, 2012


     I was going over the last blog and realised that some confusion may arise.This is related to the last segment. Did we come from the animals ? I wanted to clarify something. When I say that we did come from the animals , it does not mean that we 'evolved ' from the animal. When the Hindu religion talks about the evolution , it talks about the evolution of the soul, and not the physical evolution that Darwin talked about. We did evolved from the animals , as the improvement in our understanding and devotion . We will regress to the animal level , if we do things that are not repayable in our human existence. So ideally once we get to the Human level , where the 'food covering ' the 'life covering ' , the 'mind covering ' and  the intellect covering ' ,   are all evolved and so we can continue to 'progress' to get 'bliss covering ' evolved.
   As per law of karma, we will have to 'pay' for every bad deed that we do .If one continues to do bad deeds , then he will accumulate lot of bad karma seeds, that need to come to fruition . The may come in this life (some one stealing or killing some one and getting caught, will go to prison and this is the effect of bad deed that he did in this life  coming to fruition in this life . )or next life or next one. But if one has so many bad deeds that no matter how many lives he lives , he can not repay .(This is because when we are born, we continue to create more karma and if we are not good to start with , we are likely to do more bad deeds and continue to  have more bad karma accumulated ) So in short he will have no 'hope ' of getting rid of bad karma .and no hope of stopping the cycle of life and birth . This is not 'fare ' So in this case this particular individual will regress to animal kingdom , where not only the law of karma does not apply , most of the time , but because the animals act on the instinct , they will he will have chance to 'exhaust the bad vasanas. So in this case we do go back to being animal again.
   This situation as described above could be compared to the situation that some face , when they run a debt which is so high that there is no way that they can pay it off. The day to expense continues to mount and the debt goes up . So the only way this cycle can be broken down is to declare bankruptcy. Now the creditors can not demand and  then they can start 'new ' life and there is some hope that the debt can be repaid .

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