Saturday, May 5, 2012


     So is there a Heaven ? When I ask this question , I use the term Heaven in a very specific way or the meaning. The current concept is that it is most 'desirable '  and place for all the pleasures and no pain and sufferings , etc . I am not so sure . If we do not have physical body in the heaven , can we 'enjoy ' the pleasures that we tend to attribute to the bodily experiences.?. If we 'can ' , then question is 'How ' and what is the vehicle of these experiences ? If we 'can not ' then how can this be a heaven  ?.
      To try to get an answer to this question , we need to ask a question . What is the source of the pleasure and what is it that experiences the pleasure ?. Let us take an example, If one likes pizza and he eats it , he gets the pleasure with the act of eating pizza. So he feels that the pleasure comes from the 'pizza' , i.e pizza is the source of the pleasure. The same will be with 'listening ' to music or having 'sex'. We tend to attribute sense of pleasure to the external source . But this may not be accurate. The 1st slice of pizza gives you more pleasure than 3rd or 4th and 10th slice will give to not give pleasure but will give pain or sense of vomiting . same with the music . If the pleasure comes from the music then 'everybody ' should 'enjoy' the rap music or the rock or classical music or the opera . But in practice it is not true . If the act of sex or the intercourse is the origin of happiness then the act of 'rape ' should be pleasant too . So from these example it is clear that pleasure is not in the 'act ' or the external 'source' , but it is in OUR MIND . So some people may like and get pleasure with classical music but others may enjoy hard rock . Because the pleasure is in the MIND .
     So when we die and there is no physical body we may still 'enjoy ' but it will be different type of the enjoyment as we do not have the 5 organs of perception . i.e. smell touch here see and taste . As I understand , in the astral world, every thing is astral. Which means it is without physical dimensions.So we may 'feel '  the pleasure but only in the dimensions that we have 'experienced ' it in the past.The past experiences leave us with 'pleasure ' or 'sorrow' and that in turn leads us to act in our physical life . Since we do not have physical body , we can not get or accumulate any new experiences, but those fro the past experiences, which have left us with the impressions in abstract form  , can be re realised.  As I understand there are 7 levels of astral world and according to our 'level ' of the 'achievement ' we will be in one of them . Lower the achievement, lower is the astral level . The criminals and the murderers will be in lowest levels.(If the sins that are done by such human beings are so bad that they could never 'repay it ' according to the law of the karma , then they may 'regress ' to the animal kingdom as the animals mostly act on instinct and law of the karma is applied to minimal or not at all,. in case of the animals. ) The highest levels are achieved by those that have no 'attachments' left with mortal world  which in actuality 'physica; ' world , but still want to 'help' others and or still feel 'Duality' with the God and are not 'one ' with 'Him ' . In the astral world we can not do physical acts, so we can not accumulate any more karma. but we can not 'pay ' for it too. So there is no change in our karmic balance .
    So in my view there is astral world and the higher levels of the astral world will give us more closeness to the GOD and that 'pleasure ' is the highest and the most desirable. So this could be considered the heaven . But when we have not detached our self  from the physical body and continue to feel duality with God and have not 'paid ' for all our karma, we will be reborn. When there is conception on the earth, based on the 'karma' of the parents and our karma match we are attracted to it (fertilised ovum ) and we enter it and the new life begins. As the karmic impressions are stored in an abstract form, we do not remember our past lives. But we do have the impressions from those lives and part of our 'personality ' comes from these impressions .
    The other concept, like hell and Satan  will be discussed some other time.

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