Saturday, May 19, 2012


      In life one has to be at right time at right place. Sometimes we are a wrong time at wrong place . This one is story of a patient who found himself to be at right place but at wrong time. or me be at wrong place at wrong time. I will explain at the end .
      One my my friend is  an internist. Lot of doctors have their DEA number printed on their  prescription pads . I tend to wright it , only when I write prescription for the 'controll'  substance, narcotics, (pain medicines ,sleep aids etc. )So this friend had a patient who was a drug addict . In my office the prescription pads are not in the examination rooms , but write the prescription  in the room and then they are left in my room . This patient stole the prescription from this doctor.He wrote the the prescription on it for the narcotics and signed  the doctor's signature. The DEA number was printed on it, so he did not have to know it . He took the prescription to the local  pharmacy. he was sure that he would come out with the narcotics . Unfortunately for him , the pharmacist on duty was the wife of the Internist whose signature he had forged. When she saw the signature, she knew that it was not her husband's signature. She called him to confirm it and then called the cops.
     The patient got suspicious , when saw the expressions and the commotion and ran out. So if he would have come there at other time or had gone to other pharmacist, there would have been no problem . So he was at either at wrong place or at wrong time . 

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