Thursday, May 3, 2012


      The concept of the heaven is in every religion . If one looks at the various religions , we find that there are 3 parts to each religion .
      1 Does and The Don'ts .These are present in every religion and they are similer  .e.g. Do not lie, Do not kill, Do not steel etc . No one teaches to kill the neighbour or steel from your neighbour etc. These are ' universal ' and they are 'common ' to all the religions .
      2 There are things in each religion that really does not make any sense. It may have some valid reason in the past , but now it is of no 'use' or there is no real explanation that would satisfy us . In Hinduism ,Hindus do not eat beef. The Jewish will not eat pork , same as Muslim and Christen avoid meat on Friday. This has no 'religious' explanation. But if we think about it , we can come with  plausible explanation.Many years ago  farming was  very important and we needed bulls  for  farming and cows were needed for milk So loosing bulls and cows would be major problem . If people were told the real reason and were told to not kill the cows , no one would listen . So some one must have come out with making it religiously not right . to eat beef. Otherwise it does not make sense for a religion that believes that every living thing has a soul , to allow to kill chickens or goates and not the cows . The same is true of the restriction on not eating pork . A parasite is transmitted by eating pork , so the religious restriction came in picture . ( The exact cause of the disease  caused  by the parasite may be not known , but people still recognised the sickness it caused. )
     3. The third part of the religion is the 'philosophical ' We in Sanskrit language call 'anushawic'--the one we have heard about , but not experienced it . This the concept of Heaven or the hell or Satan etc. So is there a Heaven , if yes then what is it and there are many other questions. We tend to use word heaven quite loosely. But we all mean the same . The heaven is a place where everything is great, pleasurable and there are no woes , worries or problems , pain etc . One will get anything and everything and will have no problems. I often ask a question , when I listen to this explanation of the heaven.So if one wants to eat juicy steak every day , he or she does not have to worry about the heart disease that it can cause or the cholesterol etc . But then what about the 'cow ' that has to 'die ' to get you the beef , is it not a heaven for 'her '? or there are different heavens for different people? ( forget about the fact that there is no physical body to eat the steak . ) Let us say one wants to be the best basketball player , wants to be the no 1 . So he will be the no. 1 . But then if there are other kids who want to be no 1 , then all of them will be no 1 . So now my question is ,if all the kids are no 1  , and there is no no 2 or no. 3 etc , what good is that no. 1. There is importance to no. 1 only because, there is no. 2 and no. 3 and the last number. So the pleasure of being no.1 is gone . So is it still heaven?
     So the question still remains , is there a heaven?  

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