Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I went for a wedding last weekend.  One of my friend's daughter got married . She is Indian and her husband is American .So this was inter faith wedding . She was Hindu and the husband was Christen .So they has two different weddings ,one was Hindu and the other was Christen . In the Christen wedding the priest was performing the ceremony.He said ,"Do you, xxxx, take  xxxx to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in happiness etc " There was nothing new .
      But then week after that one of my friends came to our house . He had a business assignment in Switzerland .It was short trip, about 3or 4 days .So his wife did not go . This friend of mine had chronic back pain and needed physical therapy and can not sit for long time without back support. So when he went to the hotel in Switzerland, he was very happy to know that the hotel had Sauna and heated spa. After the day's work he decided to go to the spa. He wears glasses, but due to they getting foggy , in heated spa, he decided to not take them with him . When he went there ,he had pleasant surprise. The spa was nude and  was same for men and women .He made a statement ,  The bad part was that  , I did not have my glasses, so I could not see much , ".The wife commented , "That was good that you did not have your glasses. "
      I was thinking to myself , what was good and happiness for 'him' was not 'happiness' for her . So then how do you define happiness?

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