Friday, June 15, 2012


     Some of us believe in psychic ability , while others feel that it is nothing more than a 'chance '. As far as I am concerned I believe there are people who have psychic ability, but many a times it is fake . The incidence that I am going to tell is real one and you can draw your own conclusions.
     It was Saturday. I went to the hospital in the morning . In that hospital on the medical floor there was a nurses aid who had an Indian name . I had talked to her in the past . Having Indian heritage , we had common things to talk . As I went to the floor I started looking at my patients. I usually see patients and then sit at the desk, computer and write my notes and enter orders. As I sat at the desk , I saw the lady , the nurses aid . Usually she would come and talk. Today she did see me but did not come . I signed in the computer, and went to grab a up of a coffee.In the coffee room I saw her and said hi to her . She did acknowledge me , but did not say anymore . I asked her if every thing was was OK . She looked at me ,and said ,"did you read today's news paper ?" I said ,' no '. She gave me the paper . I saw the front page of our local paper. The head line was that of a murder . One young white female got off her duty at 11 pm , did some shopping in a grocery store and went home .  It was midnight . There were 3 men who followed her home and as she got out of the car at her home hit her with a gun and then ran over her with her own car . Then they ran away in her car . She died . They were caught. They were 18years, 24 years and 27 years old male of Guinness descent .. I was shocked . This can happen in out city was not very comforting.When I looked up, she said to me , " the 18 years old is my son . " I was speechless. She told me that he is not a bad kid ,had descent grades and according to her ( like every other mother ) she never thought he could ever do this . this must be due to ' bad ' company. I just tapped her on shoulder and left .
       As days passed , the news became old and most of the people forgot about it . I continued to see her . She had asked a priest to pray for her had done some religious ceremonies. She told me that the ' stars are not good for her son .'
       I was involved in trying to read horoscope. and was quite interested in the ' stars '. I asked to give me her son's date of birth and place of birth, so I could get some 'readings ' on his horoscope, the natal chart.
        Six months had passed by . There was nothing in the news about this case . I was in my office . One of the patient whom I had seen in the hospital for asthma . She was doing fine and had cur her medicines on her own and still felt good . While I was writing my note , she noticed my ring . I were a ring in my index finger . She asked me 'how come you were ring in the index finger rather than ring finger ? ' I told her that " it is a ring with a stone of Planet  JJupiter and at the base of the index finger is a mount of Jupiter. The stone touches my skin as bottom of the stone holder is made hollow . ' She looked at me and asked , ' do you really believe in all this stuff ,' I said , " Yes absolutely . In fact one of my friend's son is is having some issues and he asked me to help him . So I sent his horoscope to India to know , what is in the future of this son ".
She looked at me and said , 'I normally don't tell anybody this , but since you believe in such things I  will tell you this. I am psychic .' I did not not know what to say . I already had said a lot . We continued to talk about her asthma . I adjusted her medicines and told her that I will schedule her for breathing test to asses her asthma .
    As she was getting up from her chair, she said to me ."tell your friend that his son is in bad company and the judge will find leniency ".
    Two years or so went by . The nurses aid had left our hospital. I never got any response from India on the horoscope . The case went before jury . The 18 years old became 'wittness for the prosecution ' and got 8 years of jail time or so .

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