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  As I mentioned before, the real meaning of these shlokas is different than what it appears to be on surface . So now to be specific about , we need to remember about various ' chakras ' and their connection to various ' great elements '. As mentioned before 5 Pandawas represent 5 ' chakras ' .
     Sahadev represents Muladhar Chakra and when devotee concentrate on it , it is concentrating on 'gross element ' and on a successful  concentration what we achieve is called 'savitark ' samadhi . So when this happens we hear a sound of drone of bees . The conch that Sahadev blew is called Manipushpaka, which means, ' to unfold 'or 'to sound '. This at the level of 'mind'
     Nakula represents Swadhisthan  chakra, and when we concentrate on it and achieve it , it is called 'sawichar'. Here we concentrate on subtle element and when we get at this level we may hear sound of 'flute '. The conch that he blew is called 'sughosh ' which means ' sounds clearly or sweetly .  This is at the level of intellect.
        Arjuna blew his conch , called Devadatta . It represents Manipur  chakra . When we achieve this level it is called ' sanand ' samadhi and we hear sound of harp or 'veena'. Devadatta means 'God given or gift of God ' i.e. that of joy or 'anand '. This is at the level of 'chitta '
        Bhima represents 'Anahat chakra ' His conch is Paundra which means ' disintegrates ' When we concentrate on it and achieve the level we hear sound of bells . At this level it is called ' sasmit ' and we work with intuition .Here all doubts are destroyed or disintegrate .
        The next one is Yudhisthira, who blew his conch called ' Anant Vijay ' which means conquering infinity .  Yudhisthira represents the Vishuddha chakra . When we achieve this level we hear sound of distant ocean . Here there is no separation between what we concentrate upon --the GOD - and us , so this called Nirwikalp samadhi or also called samprdyat samadhi .

I want to summarise  this as followes'
      Coccyx -Muladhar chakra -Earth-flesh-smell-Sahadev-mind-gross element -savitarka-bees sound.
       Sacral-Swadhishan  chakra-water element liquid part like blood -taste-Nakula--intellect-subtle element -Savichar-flute.
        Lumbar -Manipur chakra-fire element-life glow or the body heat-sight-Arjuna-chitta-sanand -sound of veena or harp. 
        Thoracic -Anahat chakra-Air element-life energy or Prana-touch-Bhima-intuition-sasmita-bells ringing.
         Cervical-Vishuddh chakra-space or ether element- Yudhisthira-oneness with God -sound of ocean .
 One note of caution --Do not try to hear these sounds , if you hear them well and good , if not continue the mwditation .

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