Saturday, June 30, 2012


I talked about the 'Eight Fold Path ' for the achieving the Samadhi. I wanted to tell more about Ahinsa. The ahinsa is not only limited to action , but also should be related to thought and behavior. By the way all these things are to help keep our mind quite and to achieve Samadhi . Think about it . If we are indulging in various things, then we will be not be in position to calm our mind. I will get in to this latter on. But our action can also cause 'Hinsa '. We hurt someone by our talk or our action leads to problems for others, and then it is violence. This is in reference to people who fast, who do chanting and other family members have to suffer . This is not acceptable behavior. This is important as when we do any action, we are doing Karma and according to the law of Karma if we do bad karma, we will have pay for it . So if we ' hurt ' someone we will have to ' repay ' for it.
Now about the 'satya' Not much needs to be said about this one as all of us know it. Someone may ask, so what is truth? The answer is simple. When you say something knowing well that it is not true, then it is a lie. It does not have to be true. When in past people thought that the earth was flat and the sun moved around the earth, they were not lying, as they did not know that the truth was that the earth was round and it was moving around the sun can we lie if it is for the benefit of larger good? According to me the answer is yes. If I have to 'lie' to save a life or a good person, then it is OK. This is more of a common sense. This is little complicated and I am not sure I could answer it. In past the churches did hide people who were running from Nazi, and were lying about their where about. So they did take sided in the conflict and decided who was good and who was bad .But we don't have these kinds of conflicts occurring in our lives , certainty not daily , and so in the most or all the situations we know what is truth .


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