Saturday, June 2, 2012


   Since we talked about the structure of the human body, and how it is formed from the formless at the beginning of the universe, now is the time to know how to go back to where we came from .This is the purpose of the meditation and achieving the samadhi. I will summarise briefly the constitution of the body . There are 5 breaths(pranas ), 5 great elements,(mahabhute ),5orgens of perception(dnyanendriye ), 5 organs of actions (karmendriye ), 5 (or may be 7 ) chakras or spinal centers.There are 3 bodies and they are connected to each other at the 5 centers , which also represent 5 great elements . The connection between the physical, astral and the causal bodies accrues at the lumber spine , and at this place we can change the direction of the energy or the current. Normally if I hold something in my hand , the nerves will carry the sensation to the spinal center., it goes up the spinal cord to the appropriate brain center.So the entire course is in the physical boby . We need to change the course and go in to the astral and causal spine and rise to 'fanal' center--Sahastrahar , 1000, petals center and  experience the Bliss, of being one with HIM.
      I have some method for achieving this goal. (I will be the first to admit that I have not achieved the goal nor do I know personally know anyone who has done it , though I know it can be done.)
       So let me start. The practice of the meditation should be done daily at least once , preferably twice a day .It must be done at least 20-30 minutes at each time . The best time is early in the morning , may be 4 or 5 am . There are reasons for this time  zone . One at this time of the day , every one else is asleep , so the disturbances from outside noise is less likely. Secondly this is a time when the REM stage of the sleep dominates and the REM is an active sleep . We are not tired from the entire day's work , so less likely to fall asleep from the tiredness. The meditation should be done in a place where it is quite and and not too much 'emoyions ' have played a role . We believe that the the previously occurred will be still there and will 'diturb ' our mind and not allow the concentration to occur. One must take shower after waking up , pray to one's personal God ( kuladewata ). and then start the meditation . As we perceive with our 5 sense organs we must keep them occupied with pleasant things. So one can have minimal light, soft music , burn scented stick.and so on . Try to face east ow west and avoid facing south or north. Do not sit directly on the floor . But one does not have to sit on ground. One can sit on the couch or in a chair. Support the lumbar spine by putting a small pillow and then pushing backward, so as to straiten the lower spine . Lotus position is good , but not mandatory . Have something that you believe in , trust , have conversation with (when in trouble ) or thank , when something good happens . This could be a statue or a picture of the 'favorite god ' ( for Hindu ) or could be a cross or statue of Jesus or Mary for the christens. One must select some thing that he or she believes in strongly . Start with thinking about your Guru - teacher in you have one , ask for the blessing from the Guru and then start the meditation . Keep spine straight , breath slowly , concentrating on at , at the same time concentrating on the statue . Your  eyes should be closed, and the angle of the vision should be slightly upward, as if you are looking at the location of the spiritual eye or the tip of the nose or so . Your eyelids should be closed , but your eyes should be open . I can not explain this paradoxical statement, but try it , it is possible to do this . So now all your sense organs are engage, and now the mind needs to be engaged . Decide on a short Mantra. and chant it in the mind not loudly . One can start with whispering and as the practice gets better then doing it completely in the mind . Think of the Lord -the GOD . The thoughts will come and go . DO NOT GET CARRIED  AWAY  WITH THEM . Do not allow one thought to be the mother of the other thought. Try to go back to the thought of the God and try to concentrate on the Mantra. e.g.if a thought comes about your son or the daughter as to what she or he may be doing , then don't do to the next one , today is Wednesday, today is exam day , hope the test is good and she does better and will get medical school , then where , then fellowship etc . Stop the thought as soon as first one comes .
   How to get through different levels of this process and how one knows that he or she is doing better, what are the signs of this progression , will be stated at a latter time .

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