Wednesday, December 26, 2012


   I often see patients who have sometimes real complaints , at times fake complaints and at times about other family members . Sometimes it is funny , sometimes it is sad , but one thing for sure that I often hear only one side of the story . The stories that I am going to tell are such stories .
    I had seen him for many years . He was close to 90 years of age . His wife was 90 years old .He was diagnosed to have lung cancer about 6or 7 years ago . Taking in to account his age and lung capacity , he was not a good candidate for surgery and so was treated with radiation therapy . He did well and was considered 'cured ' of the cancer as there was no evidence of the cancer in follow up scans and since 7 years had passed , he was cured .One day he came with his wife as he did usually. As I entered the examination room , and asked him as to how he was doing , he answered, "my wife does not love me any more ". I asked him 'why do you think that way?' He told me as to what had happened last night .Night before his appointment , he could not fall asleep and at 1or 2 am he started having some vague chest discomfort . So he woke his wife and told her about it . She said ,"go to sleep for now ." . When he could not fall asleep , he woke her again . He told her that he still had the discomfort and he may die . She told him to turn on other side and die . and she will take care of his body in the morning . He did not like it and was complaining that she does not love him anymore ..When I asked her , she told me that when he can't fall asleep , he gos on complaining about things . Again after 60 plus years of marriage , she did love him .But he was telling me that she does not love him any more .

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