Monday, December 17, 2012


   1.Jay to Lord  Hanuman ,who is knowledgeable and is like ocean of all the good qualities.Jay to that greatest of the monkeyes . He is enlightening all 3 lokas (the earth, the heaven and ,PATAL, which is bellow the earth .)
   2.He is the messenger of the Lord Rama and is home of the strength(that means all the strength starts from Him ).He is the son of Anjani and is known as or famous as son of Lord wind (PAWANSUT ).
   3. He is great warrior and his body is strong as Wajra.(famous weapon )Let him control our bad thoughts(and intellect) and promote good intellect.
   4.He has golden color.(which is shining ),so he looks great,with earring in the ears and has curly hair.( Hanuman was told how to 'identify lord Rama . He was told that one who identifies his golden undershorts , is the lord Rama . )
   5.He is holding aWajra like Gada and he is holding a flag in other hand .On his shoulder is the sacred thread called Janoyi. (in ancient time when the child became of age to start study or become student, there is a ceremony performed , in which he starts wearing this Janoyi ).
   6.He is reincarnation of the Lord Shiva(with his blessing , he is no other than Rudra ) and he is son of Monkey named Kesari . He is such great warrior that entire world bowes in front of him .
   7.He is very intelligent ,he is very smart, and is very eager to anything for the lord Rama.
   8.He is very keen on listening to the life story of lord Rama as Rama. Sita and Lakshuman are seated in his mind .
   9.He took very small size when was meeting Sita , and became big to set fire to the Lanka .
   10.He was huge , when he destroyed many Rakshashas and was very helpful in the work of  lord Rama.(in destroying Rakshsashas ).
  11. He brought medicine called sanjiwani and so Lakshman survived . This made Lord Rama very happy and he hugged Hanuman .(when during the war with Rawan ,Lakshman became unconscious. So to save his life they needed medicine to be brought from a far away mountain called Mandradri. Hanuman lifted entire mountain and brought it as try to find the medicine would have wasted the time . )

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