Saturday, December 22, 2012


22.When we surrender oneself to you , then we get all the pleasures .When you protect us , why should I have any fear.
23.When you roar, people in all 3 worlds start shaking in fear.
24.When we chant your name , ghosts will not dare to come close.
25.When we chant your name all diseases and all problems will go away.
26.When one devotes to Hanuman, with mind,action, speech,and concentration,(DHYAN),he will get rid of any difficulty.
27.You consider King Rama who is also Yogi, as supreme and you are all ways ready to do any work for him .
28.Anyone who tells you his desire,he gets what he desires and gets long life.
29.Your fame or bravery is known in all 4 Yugas.(Kruta, Treta ,Dwapar and Kali)and because of of you the entire world is enlightened .
30. You (who is loved by Lord Rama ) protect Yogis and devotees. You destroy the rakshashas.
31.Mother Janaki gave you a boon that you can give 8 sidhis(miraculous powers ) and 9 different types of monitory things .
32.You have magical chemical called Rama and so you live for ever.(there are in Indian scripture there are few people who are thought to live for ever , Hanuman is one of them ).
33.Worship or chanting for you goes to Lord Rama and it eliminates sorrow from many lives.
34.At the end of life, with devotion to you ,one goes to Ayodhya(place where Lord Rama was born ), and being born there is considered to be devotee of Hari (Lord Krishna ).(Rama is reincarnation of Lord Vishnu , so is Lord Krishna )
35.One does not need to worship any other Devata ---god as devotion to Hanuman will give all happiness.
36.When one thinks of Haanuman , all difficulties go away .
37.Controller of the all senses , Lord Hanuman , Victory to you, bless me like any teacher would do .
38.When one repeats these 40 shlokas 100 times.he will be free from all bandages and will achieve great happiness.
39. When one reads this Hanumanchalisa , his desires will be fulfilled .Lord Shankar is witness to this fact .
40.Tulasidas is devotee of Hari and Lord (please) reside in my heart (for ever ), This is my request.

O removal of all difficulties , ,son of Wind Hanuman , tour look is very auspicious .O protector of gods and the earth , please reside in my heart along with Lord Rama, Lakshuman , and (mother )Sita .

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