Sunday, December 16, 2012


     The Hanumanchalisa is 40 shlokas , which were written by Tulasidas.It is a song related praise of Lord Hanuman . It has 40 shlokas , which is why it is called 'chalisa '.The Lord Hanuman is the so called 'monkey face Indian god. His mother was Anjani, and father was  Kesari . He is also the son of  "wind God ". So in an indirect way he is 'half brother ' of second of the Padawas , BHIM .In Indian mythology there is symbolism . One  reason we have Gods with different faces, is that we believe that there is a reflection of The GOD in every one of us. This has to do the fact that there is nothing that was not made by the God . So there is nothing outside Him . So if he made us,  we must have element of Him . This hold true for everything in this world . The second reason is symbolism . When the Hanuman was borned he was very notorious or naughty . He was bothering everyone with his mischievous . His mother was worried . She was told by one rhishi , that when Hanuman will meet Lord Rama , he will turn around , will become devotee of Lord Rama and will calm down . In my view Hanuman represents our mind , which very active and moves from one object to other , just like the monkey . So the Hanuman represents our mind . When we concentrate our mind on the God , then the it quietens down . So when we 'meet ' Lord Rama then we stop being notorious , and become the devotee .
   The 40 shlokas start with a 'doha', may be called a mini prayer. It says that the feet of Lord are like lotus and the dust from them is like pollens from the lotus. Let these particles of the dust , clean the ' mirror ' of my mind .(that is why I pray ) . I will describe the success of the lord Rama , who can give all 4 fruits of action .(FAL CHARI--4 fruits are DHARMA , ARTH, KAMA , MOKSHYA--RELIGION, MONEY, FAMILY LIFE AND ETERNITY OR RELEASE FROM THE CYCLE OF LIFE AND DEATH ) I am aware of the fact that my (physical ) body is stupid, I do not have intellect.So knowing this I want to think of lord Hanuman .I pray to him that he would give me the strength, intellect , and the knowledge.
    I will start with the meaning of 40 shlokas in next blog .

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