Tuesday, December 18, 2012


   12.Lord Rama was pleased and he hugged him and praised him and told him that he (Hanuman ) is like my brother Bharata.
    13,14,15..The king of cobras , the SHESH, will sing your praises with his 1000(thousands of )mouths.(In Hind concept the Shesh Nag or Cobra is the bed of Lord Vishnu , and the lord Rama is reincarnation of Vishnu . when it is said thousand , it means many thousands. )But also Sanak (muni or rishi ) Brahmadev(creator of the universe)many Rhishis, Narad(the Indian scripture Reporter who can travel to earth or heaven )Sharada, ( who is Goddess of knowledge ),King of snakes , Yama (Lord of death )Kuber (treasurer of the heaven ), etc,poet Govind are unable to describe your greatness.
    16.You were instrumental in meeting of Sugriv and lord Rama, in turn (due to Rama's blessing ) Sugriv became the king.
     17 .Taking your advice , Bibhishan(becoming friend of lord Rama) became king of Lanka .
      18 The Sun which is .thousands of mile away ,looked like a sweet fruit to you and you jumped to get it .(this occurred when Hanuman was borned . When he started to go towards the Sun , lord Indra , the king of Gods, got concerned and threw his Vajra )
      19.You jumped the entire ocean. with the ring held in mouth given by lord Rama, to go to Lanka . ,but that is not a surprise.(as the distance between the earth and the Sun is far more than between Lanka and the India and you were blessed by the Lord Rama .)
      20.The difficult task becomes easier and winnable , with your blessings .
      21.You are the security guard for the lord Rama (so without your permission we can't get to Lord Rama .)You do not leave Him without His order .

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