Monday, March 19, 2012


    As noted before there are 3 bodies and each has different functions. Even though we think that it is physical body, which does all the functions, like thinking , memory , learning, the real thing behind the scene is the astral body . I will give an example. I call it"  circle of the Mind  ". Someone offers me a pizza,  and pressure that I have not tasted pizza ever . So when I see pizza , I would have no special feeling. i.e. either desire to eat or dislike about it. But now I decide to taste it . (this is the action that I did ).Now I either like it or hate it. So the action that I did , created an impression , either positive or negative. Let us assume that I liked it . So this impression is stored in the brain , and when I am hungry next time , I think of eating pizza , and I end up getting it and eating it , which in turn creates an impression and this again leads to an action .This is circle of the mind. Action -impression- leading to action--leading to again an impression.
     Now these impressions are stored in the physical brain , but they are stored in the astral brain  in 'absract ' form . ' This may be the reason why one notices that we see 2 children of the same parents, having very different 'likings'., even at very early age. We also see child with extreme talent either in music some other field, and we can not explain this based on the education that the child got . When we die, the physical body is gone . So the stored up memories , education etc is gone . But since  all this is stored up in abstract form in the astral body, when we are reborn we have different physical body , but SAME ASTRAL BODY , which has same impressions . So we come back with our memories .(As they are in the absrtct form we are not going to remember people, or places etc , but the memorries about learned music or religion will remain ).
    The astral body does provide with energy , that is required for the every action. The causal body is the seat of Consciousness. and without it we will not be 'there '.Let me give little different example. If someone asks a child, where does the light comes from in a room , the answer will be the light bulb. But then one realises that if we turn off the switch then even if the light bulb is good . Also if the electric wires are not good then, also the bulb will not give light. So if one thinks that switch is the source of light . But if one turns off the main , then also we will not have the light . But again that is not the real , as the elecricity comes from power company . BUT IS IT REALLY THE SOURCE ? Similar thing exist in our body . You may say that everything is in the physical body, then I will ask a question. If you touch something , the recepter in the skin will trasmit it to spinal column, via nerves and from spinal column , it goes to the brain , where the chemical impulse is changed to emotions. But if you hold your wife's hand , or hold your child's hand or your mother's hand or your patient's hand , the feeling will be very different. SO IF THE CHEMICAL REACTION AND THE RECEPTORS , THE NERVES, THE SPINA CORD AND THE AREA OF THE BRAIN ARE SAME WHY ARE THE FEELINS DIFFERENT?

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