Saturday, March 31, 2012


  The reincarnation is the only thing that can explain the 'bad ' things happening to 'good ' people and 'good ' things happening to 'bad ' people.  If we consider the God to be 'just' or 'merciful ' then how can we explain these things otherwise . When we see around us we find that not all bad things or bad people getting 'punished ' . So how do you explain it?. The question comes , if we have lived another life in past , how come we do not remember it at all. I have personally seen some one , who was mentally challenged , ( who could not have made up the story as did not have enough intelligence to create the false story. ) who repeatedly stated that ,( where he was living since birth ) "it is not my home " . On questioning as to where is your house, he gave a zip code and and the description of the house , where he lived . The parents did researched and found out a home of a priest, 700 miles away, never before visited by this kid or the parents, and it was exactly smiler to the one described by him . The reason for this is that the storage of these 'impression ' is in the abstract form and not like we have in this life . So now the question is , 'we have so many things that we think see and do , and come across hundreds of people in our life time , how do we 'store ' these memories in the astral body . ?' The answer is , " same as we do in this life.  "If I see  some one  only once , I am not likely remember him , in the future if I meet him again . But if have high school friend that I spent 10 years seeing him daily I will remember him , even if I meet him 10 years down the road . So the 'impressions ' are deeper when the contacts are more. So these impressions will come out in next life . Now remember when we deal with people we have 'give ' and 'take ' relations . We create 'debt' and we create 'bonds and attachments . These will bring us together in next life , and next life and so on , until we have dissolved all the bonds and all the 'debt ' is fully paid off. Then and then only we will not have repeat contact . If our contacts and bonds and impressions are small and short , then the debt is paid quickly.
    So now the question is , if our 'this ' life is predetermined , then how can we be held responsible for the thing that we do ? The answer is kind of mixed . We can divide the life and the things that will happen to us in 3 categories. 1 the things that we can change with very little efforts, 2 The things that we can change with  'lot ' of efforts and 3 The things that we can not change , in spite of lot of efforts . Also remember that we have free will . So because of the deeds in the past life , we will have the situation  that are 'pre determined '. But how we react to the situation  is up to  us . One simple example will simplify this . A husband goes home , finds his wife in the bed with his best friend. So this situation was bound to occur , but how he react is up to him . He can walk away, and send divorce her, or kill the wife and the her lover or he could commit suicide . In fact the collection of these deeds that we carry and that are going to come to 'fruition ' in this life determines our life span --duration of our existence in this life . when all the things that have to come to fruition this life , have occurred , we die. . just like the 'annual ' plants , once they have had the blossoms they  die .
   One more point about the 'law of the karma , ' and the reincarnation . Out of 4 levels of the 'life ' or the existences in this universe. The 'stone ' and the 'plant ' kingdom do not have their own decision making ability, and so the law of karma does not apply . In the 'annimal ' kingdom ' this is applicable to very small extent as the animals act on 'instict ' and do not have ability to make decision . So this is applicable mostly in 'humanbeings ' only.  
    How our lives are interrelated  will be discussed next time.

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