Saturday, March 3, 2012


    As stated before the cycle of beginning of the universe and the end of the universe , also called PRALAY goes on for ever , i.e. there is no 'begining' or the ';end' to these cycles . So at the end of one cycle every thing gets dissolved in to "ONE" or the unity and at the beginning of the cycle slowly different things start to come out . So in the beginning of the cycle , the space is created , then air then energy then water and then the earth or the solids. The all 5 'Mahabhutas' are dissolved in , at the end of the cycle and now they" come out ". Same is with the 3 " Gunas". i.e.Satwic, Tamasic and Rajasic. If one thins or the ingredients need to build a house he will need bricks, lumbar cement , paint etc, same way if one thinks of 'building ' a new universe , then  one will need certain ingredients . But even before this process is started one can think of the other requirements that will be need . To conceive this one needs intellect, then resources and power to preserve. ( Just in case of the house  constuction , one will need IDEA as to to how house should look, or the knowledge as to how to construct, then resources to build it , and then power to preserve it , not being destroyed by Bad elements. )This is exactly the concept in Hinduism.
      The "Rajasic" quality is needed to create new things, "Tamasic " to dissolve it, and  " Satwic " to maintain the universe. Now according to the laws of physics, nothing can be destroyed, only changed .e.g . water if heated it changes to water vapour.or if burn coal it gives heat and ashes are left. so the coal is converted to 'energy' and ashes. So nothing gets destroyed. So in the universe things get changed to different plains , from physical plain or universe to astral universe.But never gets destroyed. Here comes the another concept , we have 3 universes, physical , the astral and the causal . As the mentioned above we need   "CAUSE" , then , the " CONCEPT" and then the actual product. This will be similar to the 3 universes that are mentioned . But then we also have to think of ' micrcosum' and ' macrocosum' . So now we have 6 different universes. Now there  are different 'incharge' gods of these universes. Just to mention the names , Ishvara, ( m acrocosmic causal) , Hiranyagarbha, (macro cosmic astral.)Virata (macro cosmic astral. ) . Pradnya, (microcosmic causal ), Taijas ( microcosmic astral ) and Visva( microcosmic physical ). (In Revelation 8-2, it is mentioned that the God has 7 angels, so these 6 deities and the Mother nature or Mahaprakrity are the 7 angels.) We will see next how the interaction of these thing make the universe that we know and should  know.

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