Friday, March 30, 2012


   The most interesting part about Hinduism is the concept of reincarnation. We talked about the 3 bodies including the astral body and the function of various bodies.It was noted that the  impressions in the abstract forms are stored in the astral body , and when the 'new' life starts, these impressions are carried in next life . They tend to manifest in this new life. This idea can be explained in little bit detail.
    When there is formation of Zygote , when sperm meets ovum , there is some indirect signal in the astral world. This attracts some souls. This is like matching game . we see this in e Harmony or medical residency matching. The medical students apply for the residency through computer, and then the hospital programs which are looking for the new residents  also look for particular characters. Now after the interviews etc , the students give their preference in the computer and the hospitals also give their preference. The computer does the 'matching ' and then the students are matched to the 'wright ' hospital. The birth of new life is very similar to this . Based on the 'pasr karmas' of the parents , only certain souls are attracted to the fertilised ovum. The souls that are attracted to the fertilised  ovum has certain 'past karmas ' that match, with the the karmas of the parents  and so it enters the zygote. The question arises as to when does this happen , is it with the fertilization or with the neural groove appearing, (as the causal body is inside the spine ) or is it when the heart beats start. I don't know . This question arises in the modern days where there are fertilised ovum kept frozen for the future use.  These are kept frozen sometimes for many years. So are the souls trapped in it ? Or since these are at very early stage , there is no neural groove so the soul has not yet 'entered' , the fertilised ovum. And what about the mono zygotic ( identical )  twins  'When does the soul enters? Since there are 2 separate souls in the identical twins, I feel that the soul enters when there is neural groove. In the beginning the fertilised ovum --a single cell , splits in to 2 cells then they in turn in tern 4 cells and so on  and so forth. In single baby this continues till enough cell mass is created and the then there is  differentiation  of cells . In the case of  identical twins the cells separate at very early stage, before any cellular  differentiation  has occurred. From this I feel that the soul does not enter at the time of the fertilisation . This also would be consistent with the finding that many fertilised , defective ovum get aborted at very early stage of the development without lady knowing that she was pregnant ( for may be 7days. ).
     The concept of reincarnation is the only one that can explain the apparent " injustice" that is seen in the world. The statement that we are all  'sinners ' does not answer when we see cases like Kelly Anthony or the children born with cerebral palsy, or when they get molested. What kind of sin did they do ? To 'blame ' it on Adam and Eve doing sin is not logical as I should not be held responsible for what my forefathers did. But if one takes in to account the past lives , not just one . but  many lives , then this can be easily explained . Every action has a reaction , so every action --karma -deed -has reaction , good or bad. We can not be ' free ' from this cycle of birth and death till this 'LAW OF KARMA ' is nullified . and the remainder is zero, May be that is why we see 'tough ' life all great saints at least in Indian culture. e.g. Tukaram , Meerabai, Dnyaneshwar or even The Jesus Christ . May that is why before his Resurrection he did not want anyone to touch his body . (till he burned out all his past deeds . )

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