Saturday, March 24, 2012


   As mentioned there is circle of the mind . In this circle the action leads to impression , which in turn leads to desire , which in turn leads to action , which again leaves with oppression's. Now if one repeats same action then the impression that it leaves will be deeper and longer lasting , more difficult to remove etc.It does not matter weather this is good or bad. e.g indulging in sex or drugs or devotion to God or learning music. The energy for this 'storage ' of the impressions is derived from 'causal body ' and actual 'storage ' occurs in 'astral ' body.
     Now all beings have these bodies. But there is difference in development of the mind , intellect and ego. As mentioned in past there are 5 coverings in our body . The physical body is made of 'food ' . so called "Annamaya Kosha. " The astral body has no physical element , so has no food sheath or 'Annamaya Kosha ". But it has other coverings, mind (called Manomaya  Kosha ), the intellect ( called Dyanamay Kosha ) and the one more is life , (Pranamaya Kosha ). In the universe 'everything ' has these coverings. But the evolution of each is at different levels. We divide the things in the universe in to 4 different classes. 1 stone , 2plant , 3animal , and 4 human beings. In the stone level none of the things  are  evolved. In the plant kingdom the food sheath, and the pran or life sheath are evolved . In the animal kingdom the food , the life , and mind , are quite fully evolved and to some extent intellect sheath is evolved at varying degree. In human beings all 4 are evolved, the food the pran the mind and the intellect. I have left out only last and the best, which "Bliss " or " Anandmaya ".sheath . This one is is in the causal body and we as human beings can 'open ' or evolve with  the efforts  or meditation.I mentioned ego earlier as ego is nothing but false understanding that we are 'physical body ' , when in reality we are the inner core or the energy stick or the reflection of the God . The 'sin ' that Adam and Eve committed is that they got attached to sense organ pleasure and forgot their origin and the purpose of the different sense organs. They tasted the 'apple ' in the center of the 'garden of Eden ' . The 'garden is our physical body , the apple is sense organ pleasure (may be the sex ) and that is why after eating the 'apple ' they were 'ashamed of their body ' and started 'covering ' the body .

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