Saturday, March 10, 2012


     As mentioned there are 3 bodies, Causal , Astral, and the Physical. These 3 bodies are related to 3 worlds or the 3 Universes , namely the causal astral and the physical. The Physical universe is what we see. So corresponding to the physical universe is the physical body . So as the entire universe was formed with 5 Mahabhutas, (5 Big Elements) , 3 Gunas ( 3 qualities ) and their interactions. These are represented at various parts in the human body. Please note that the 5  elements that form the Universe are changed when they represent in the human body.
     When the Satwic Guna acts with 5 Mahabhutas;5 big elements they form 5 organs of perception. The interaction between Satwic with the " space  " --element makes the Ear in the human body. The interaction of the element "wayu " and Satwic Guna creates human skin . The interaction between Satwic guna and "Teja " creates human Eyes. The interaction between Satwic Guna and " Water " element creates the Taste and lastly the interaction between Satwic guna and the element " Earth " creates quality or the ability to smell.  Note that each subsequent element has the qualities of the presiding one . So one can 'Hear ' the 'space ' ,  'Hear ' and 'Feel ' the wind or the 'wayu ' , 'Hear ' , 'Feel ' and 'See' the 'Fire ' , 'Hear ' , Feel ' , 'See ' and ' Taste ' the water and lastly with the 'Earth' one can have all 5 qualities, i.e. hear, feel see smell and taste the 'Earth.'
      Now similar thing happens with the Rajasic and Tamasic Gunas when they act on 5 big elements. Because the Rajasic quality makes on to 'Act ' , the interaction between Raajasic gunas and big elements creates 5 organs of action . These are  'Speech ' , 'Grasping ' with hands, " Locomotion " with the legs , 'Procreation ' and 'Excretion '.
    With the interaction between Tamasic quality and 5 big elements creates 5 different parts of the human physical body , i.e. flesh, blood , air, energy and space.
     Please note that there is more to creation than just these things . There is Ego , Chitta, (feeling ), Mind , Intellect and some people add 5 " Pranas"---5 forces of so called energy.

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